Parrot Anafi | Full In Depth Review | A True Competitor

About a month ago, Parrot released a very intriguing drone onto the market called the Anafi. With a handful of unique key features, we were eager to see just how well it performed in the real world. We've finally completed our testing and we've got some very surprising results. 

First off, the drone market has been absolutely dominated by DJI. From toys, to enthusiasts and even full blown professional cinema drones, DJI has been the industry standard for many years. Parrot on the other hand has released a handful of very interesting drones targeted mostly at enthusiasts. 

The Anafi takes a slightly different path specs like a 21mp camera, 4K video recording, 180º tilting, and a zoom feature which looks very promising. In this full in-depth review, well take a closer look at those features as well as build quality, design, ease of use, and image quality.