Predictions for the A7s III

With what we already see in the current third generation cameras, there are some obvious things to expect in the A7s III. This upgrades include battery life, body design, button layout, though screen and a few other obvious changes that Sony will make. What most of us are really interested in though, are the video specs and recording options that will be available with the new camera. Take a look at the video above to hear my thoughts and reasoning behind what I think were gonna get in the yet-to-be-announced A7s III.

When, Why and How to use ISO

A lot of times, with new photographers I hear the question, “What’s ISO should I use?” And while ISO is an essential piece of the exposure triangle, this video explains why that shouldn’t be your first question.

Exposure Triangle Basics

So you bought your first camera and you’re trying to figure out what all of these numbers and symbols mean. Every photographer has had been there. Or if you’re like me, you’re combing the interwebs to try and learn as much as you can before you camera even ships. This video will help you get started.